Title 33

SECTION 66.05-20

66.05-20 Coast Guard-State agreements.

§ 66.05-20 Coast Guard-State agreements.

(a) The District Commander in whose District a waterway is located may enter into agreements with State Administrators permitting a State to regulate aids to navigation, including regulatory markers, in State waters for private aids to navigation, as, in the opinion of the District Commander, the State is able to do in a manner to improve the safety of navigation. When a waterway is located within the area of jurisdiction of more than one Coast Guard District, the District Commander in whose District the State capital is located shall execute the agreement in behalf of the Coast Guard. All such agreements shall reserve to the District Commander the right to inspect the State aids to navigation without prior notice to the State. They shall stipulate that State aids to navigation will conform to the Uniform State Waterway marking System or to the U.S. Aids to Navigation System and that the State Administrator will modify or remove State aids to navigation without expense to the United States when so directed by the District Commander, subject to the right of appeal on the part of the State Administrator to the Commandant.

(b) A Coast Guard-State agreement shall become effective when both parties have signed the agreements. In lieu of the procedure prescribed in § 66.01-5, the agreement shall constitute blanket approval by the Commandant, of the State aids to navigation, including regulatory markers, established or to be established in State waters for private aids to navigation designated or to be designated by the Commandant.

(c) In addition to the matters set forth in paragraph (a) of this section, Coast Guard-State agreements shall cover the following points, together with such other matters as the parties find it desirable to include:

(1) A description, in sufficient detail for publication in Notices to Mariners, of all aids to navigations under State jurisdiction in navigable waters of the United States in existence prior to the effective date of the agreement which have not been previously approved under procedures of § 66.01-5.

(2) Procedures for use by the State administrator to notify the District Commander of changes made in State aids to navigation, as required by § 66.05-25.

(3) If prior to December 21, 2003, specification of the marking system to be used, whether the U.S. Aids to Navigation System or the Uniform State Waterway Marking System.

(4) Specification of standards as to minimum size and shape of markers, the use of identifying letters, the use of reflectors or retroreflective materials, and any other similar standards so as to enable Coast Guard inspectors to determine compliance with Statewide standards.

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