Title 33


62.63 Recommendations.

§ 62.63 Recommendations.

(a) The public may recommend changes to existing aids to navigation, request new aids or the discontinuation of existing aids, and report aids no longer necessary for maritime safety. These recommendations should be sent to the appropriate District Commander.

(b) Recommendations, requests and reports should be documented with as much information as possible to justify the proposed action. Desirable information includes:

(1) Nature of the vessels which transit the area(s) in the question, including type, displacement, draft, and number of passengers and crew.

(2) Where practicable, the kinds of navigating devices used aboard such vessels (e.g, magnetic or gyro compasses, radio direction finders, radar, loran, and searchlights).

(3) A chartlet or sketch describing the actual or proposed location of the aid(s), and a description of the action requested or recommended.