Title 33


54.05 Form and contents of notice.

§ 54.05 Form and contents of notice.

(a) The notice required to institute an allotment under this part must be given in the form of a court order, letters, or other document issued by a person specified in § 54.03.

(b) The notice must:

(1) Provide the full name, social security number, and duty station of the member who owes the support obligation;

(2) Specify the amount of support due, and the period in which it has remained owing;

(3) Be accompanied by a certified copy of an order directing the payment of this support issued:

(i) By a court of competent jurisdiction, or;

(ii) In accordance with an administrative procedure which is established by State law, affords substantial due process, and is subject to judicial review;

(4) Provide the full name, social security number, and mailing address of the person to whom the allotment is to be paid;

(5) Identify the period in which the allotment is to remain in effect; and

(6) Identify the name and birth date of all children for whom support is to be provided under the allotment.

(c) Each notice must be accompanied by the following information:

(1) For each administrative order, a copy of all provisions of state law governing its issuance.

(2) For each court order and for each administrative order, if not stated in the support order:

(i) An explanation as to how personal jurisdiction was obtained over the member; and

(ii) A statement on the age of majority in the state law, with appropriate legal citations.