Title 33


53.1 Purpose.

§ 53.1 Purpose.

This part:

(a) Establishes policy and implements section 1034 of title 10 of the United States Code to provide protection against reprisal to members of the Coast Guard for making a protected communication to a Member of Congress; an Inspector General; a member of a Department of Defense or Department of Homeland Security audit, inspection, investigation, or law enforcement organization (e.g., the Coast Guard Investigative Service); any person or organization in the chain of command; and any other person or organization designated pursuant to regulations or other established administrative procedures for such communications.

(b) Assigns responsibilities and delegates authority for such protection and prescribes operating procedures.

[56 FR 13405, Apr. 2, 1991, as amended by USCG-2009-0239, 75 FR 79959, Dec. 21, 2010]