Title 33


51.8 Relevant considerations.

§ 51.8 Relevant considerations.

In determining the equity and propriety of a former member's discharge, the DRB shall consider all relevant evidence presented by the applicant. The DRB review will include, but is not limited to, consideration of the following factors:

(a) The quality of the applicant's service. In determining the quality of the applicant's service, the DRB may consider the applicant's dates and periods of service; rate or rank achieved; marks and evaluations received; awards, decorations and letters of commendation; acts of merit; combat service and wounds received; promotions and demotions; prior military service and type of discharge; records of unauthorized absence; records of non-judicial punishment; convictions by court-martial; records of conviction by civil authorities while a member of the Coast Guard; and any other relevant information respecting the applicant which is brought to the board's attention.

(b) The applicant's capability to serve. In determining the applicant's capability to serve, the DRB considers such factors as the applicant's age and education; qualification for reenlistment; capability to adjust to military service; and family or personal problems.

(c) Any evidence of arbitrary, capricious or discriminatory actions by individuals in authority over the applicant.

(d) Any other information respecting the applicant considered by the DRB to be relevant and material to the review of the applicant's discharge.