Title 33

SECTION 49.10-1

49.10-1 Reports required.

§ 49.10-1 Reports required.

The trustee or trustees so appointed shall submit reports annually, or at such other times as the Commandant may designate. The report shall show a statement of the conditions of the trust account at the time of the submission of the report, including all funds received on behalf of the incompetent; all expenditures made in behalf of the incompetent, accompanied by receipts or vouchers covering such expenditures; and a receipt indicating that the surety bond required by § 49.05-5 has been renewed. When the trustee is the spouse or adult dependent of the incompetent, receipts or vouchers need not be filed for expenditures made for living expenses. If the trustee or trustees fail to report promptly and properly at the end of any annual period or at such other times as the Commandant desires, the Commandant may, in his discretion, cause payment to such trustee or trustees to cease, and may, if deemed advisable, appoint another person or persons not under legal disability so to act, to receive future payments of moneys due the incompetent for the use and benefit of the incompetent.