Title 33


45.1 Enlistment of personnel.

§ 45.1 Enlistment of personnel.

(a) The Coast Guard is a military service which operates within the Department of Homeland Security. All personnel enlisted in the Coast Guard are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

(b) Any person desiring to enlist in the Coast Guard should apply at a Coast Guard Recruiting Office, or direct inquiries to, Coast Guard Recruiting Center, 4200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 450, Arlington, VA 22203. Enlistments in the Coast Guard shall be for general service and enlisted persons may be transferred as necessary from one unit to another. Original enlistments will be made only at regular recruiting offices unless otherwise directed by the Commandant. An original enlistment is the enlistment of an individual who has not had previous service in the Regular Coast Guard. In processing an application for enlistment, the Coast Guard will determine the mental, moral and physical fitness of the applicant through reference to local police files, character references, employers, school authorities and physical and mental examinations. Concealment of any fact, circumstance or condition existing prior to enlistment which would render the applicant ineligible for enlistment may subject the applicant to criminal penalties under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and/or administrative separation from the Coast Guard.

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