Title 33

SECTION 3.25-1

3.25-1 Fifth district.

§ 3.25-1 Fifth district.

(a) The District Office is in Portsmouth, Va.

(b) The Fifth Coast Guard District is comprised of: North Carolina; Virginia; District of Columbia; Maryland; Delaware; that part of Pennsylvania east of a line drawn along 78°55′ W. longitude south to 41°00′ N. latitude, thence west to 79°00′ W. longitude, and thence south to the Pennsylvania-Maryland boundary; that portion of New Jersey that lies south and west of a line drawn from the New Jersey shoreline at 40°18′ N. latitude (just south of the Shrewsbury River), thence westward to 40°18′ N. latitude, 74°30.5′ W. longitude, thence north-northwesterly to the junction of the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania boundaries at Tristate; and the ocean area encompassed by a line bearing 122°T from the coastal end of the First and Fifth Districts' land boundary at the intersection of the New Jersey shoreline and 40°18′ N. latitude (just south of the Shrewsbury River) to the southernmost point in the First Coast Guard District (a point located at approximately 37° N. latitude, 67°13′ W. longitude); thence along a line bearing 219°T to the point of intersection with the ocean boundary between the Fifth and Seventh Coast Guard Districts, which is defined as a line bearing 122°T from the coastal end of the Fifth and Seventh Districts' land boundary at the shoreline at the North Carolina-South Carolina border, point located at approximately 30°55′ N. 73° W.; thence northwesterly along this line to the coast.

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