Title 33

SECTION 25.705

25.705 Claims not payable.

§ 25.705 Claims not payable.

A claim is not payable under this subpart if it:

(a) Is for death or personal injury;

(b) Results wholly or partly from the grossly negligent, or reckless act of the claimant, claimant's agent or employee;

(c) Is a subrogated claim;

(d) Is for damage to or loss of property owned by the United States or property of a Nonappropriated Fund Activity;

(e) Results from negligence;

(f) Is for indirect or remote damages;

(g) Is for damage to or loss of property resulting from the act or omission of a member of the Coast Guard acting within the scope of the member's employment;

(h) Extends to damage or loss that results from the owner's failure to mitigate damages; or

(i) Has been paid by a third party.