Title 33

SECTION 25.205

25.205 Claims not payable.

§ 25.205 Claims not payable.

A claim is not payable under this subpart if it:

(a) Results from action by an enemy, or directly or indirectly from an act of the armed services of the United States in combat;

(b) Is purely contractual in nature;

(c) Is for death or personal injury of a United States employee for whom benefits are provided under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act, or any other system of compensation where contribution is made or insurance premiums paid directly or indirectly by the United States on behalf of the injured employee;

(d) Is one for which a foreign country is responsible under Article VIII of the Agreement Regarding the Status of Forces of Parties to the North Atlantic Treaty, or other similar treaty agreement;

(e) Arises from private or domestic obligations as distinguished from governmental transactions; or

(f) Is for damage to or loss of personal property of military personnel or civilian employees which is cognizable under the Military Personnel and Civilian Employees' Claims Act, as amended.