Title 33

SECTION 25.111

25.111 Action by claimant.

§ 25.111 Action by claimant.

(a) Form of claim. The claim must meet the requirements of § 25.113. Authorized forms are available from the offices indicated in § 25.103.

(b) Presentation. Whenever possible, the claim must be presented to the Coast Guard Legal Service Command, Claims Division (LSC-5), located at 300 East Main Street, Suite 400, Norfolk, VA 23510-9100. If that is not possible, the claim may also be presented to:

(1) The commanding officer of the Coast Guard unit involved;

(2) A Coast Guard unit convenient to the claimant; or

(3) Commandant (CG-0945), Attn: Office of Claims and Litigation, U.S. Coast Guard Stop 7213, 2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20593-7213.

Note to paragraph (b):

In a foreign country, where there is no Coast Guard unit, the claim is considered presented to the Coast Guard if it is presented to the military attache of any United States embassy or consulate or to the commanding officer of any unit of the armed services of the United States.

(c) Time. The time limits for presenting claims are contained in the following subparts addressing particular claim statutes.

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