Title 33


23.12 Coast Guard identifying insignia.

§ 23.12 Coast Guard identifying insignia.

(a) The distinctive identification insignia of the Coast Guard consists of a broad diagonal red stripe followed to the right or left by two narrow stripes, first a white stripe and then a blue stripe. The Coast Guard emblem, as described in § 23.10(b), is centered within the confines of the broad red diagonal stripe.

(b) The Coast Guard identifying insignia is intended primarily for the identification of Coast Guard vessels, aircraft, vehicles, and shore units. It may also be reproduced for use on Coast Guard publications, stationery, jewelry, and similar items.

(c) Any person who desires to reproduce the Coast Guard identifying insignia for non-Coast Guard use must first obtain approval from the Commandant (CG-092), Attn: Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard Stop 7103, 2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20593-7103.

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