Title 33

SECTION 17.01-10

17.01-10 Authority to receive gifts.

§ 17.01-10 Authority to receive gifts.

(a) The Commandant, United States Coast Guard, may accept, receive, hold, or administer gifts, devises, or bequests of property, real or personal, made on the condition that they be used for the benefit of, or in connection with, the establishment, operation, maintenance, or administration of any school, hospital, library, museum, chapel, or other institution or organization under the jurisdiction of the United States Coast Guard. The Commandant is authorized to pay all necessary fees, charges, and expenses in connection with the conveyance or transfer of any such gifts, devises, or bequests.

(b) The Commandant may authorize or designate officers of the United States Coast Guard to accept gifts, devises, or bequests.

[CGFR 53-18, 18 FR 3171, June 3, 1953, as amended by CGFR 61-36, 26 FR 9321, Oct. 3, 1961]