Title 33

SECTION 163.20

163.20 Bunching of tows.

§ 163.20 Bunching of tows.

(a) In all cases where tows can be bunched, it should be done.

(b) Tows navigating in the North and East Rivers of New York must be bunched above a line drawn between Robbins Reef Light and Owls Head, Brooklyn, but the quarantine anchorage and the north entrance to Ambrose Channel shall be avoided in the process of bunching tows.

(c) Tows must be bunched above the mouth of the Schuylkill River, Pa.

[CGFR 60-61, 25 FR 9045, Sept. 21, 1960, as amended by CGFR 64-21, 29 FR 5733, Apr. 30, 1964. Redesignated by CGD 81-017, 46 FR 28154, May 26, 1981]