Title 33


149.5 What definitions apply to this part

§ 149.5 What definitions apply to this part?

Definitions applicable to this part appear in 33 CFR 148.5. In addition, the following terms are used in this part and have the indicated meanings:

Accommodation module means a module with one or more accommodation spaces that is individually contracted and may be used for one or more facilities.

Major conversion means a conversion, as determined by the Commandant (CG-5P), that substantially changes the dimensions of a facility, substantially changes the water depth capability of a fixed facility, substantially changes the carrying capacity of a floating facility, substantially changes the processing equipment, changes the type of a facility, substantially prolongs the life of a facility, or otherwise so changes the facility that it is essentially a new facility.

Service space means a space used for a galley, a pantry containing cooking appliances, a storeroom, or a workshop other than those in industrial areas, and trunks to those spaces.

Sleeping space means a space provided with bunks for sleeping.

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