Title 33

SECTION 116.25

116.25 Public meetings.

§ 116.25 Public meetings.

(a) Any time the Chief, Office of Bridge Programs determines that a Detailed Investigation is warranted, or when Congress declares a bridge unreasonably obstructive, the District Commander will hold a public meeting near the location of the bridge to provide the bridge owner, waterway users, and other interested parties the opportunity to offer evidence and be heard, orally or in writing, as to whether any alterations are necessary to provide reasonably free, safe, and unobstructed passage for waterborne traffic. The District Commander will issue a public notice announcing the public meeting stating the time, date, and place of the meeting.

(b) When a bridge is statutorily determined to be an unreasonable obstruction, the scope of the meeting will be to determine what navigation clearances are needed.

(c) In all other cases, the scope of the meeting will be to address issues bearing on the question of whether the bridge is an unreasonable obstruction to navigation and, if so, what alterations are needed.

(d) The meeting will be recorded. Copies of the public meeting transcript will be available for purchase from the recording service.

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