Title 33

SECTION 105.515

105.515 Prohibited Items List (PIL).

§ 105.515 Prohibited Items List (PIL).

(a) The owner or operator of a cruise ship terminal must obtain from the Coast Guard and maintain a Prohibited Items List (PIL) consisting of dangerous substances and devices for purposes of § 105.290(a). The list specifies those items that the Coast Guard prohibits all persons from bringing onboard any cruise ship through terminal screening operations regulated under 33 CFR part 105.

(b) Procedures for screening persons, baggage and personal effects must include use of the PIL which will be provided to screening personnel by the cruise ship terminal owner or operator.

(c) The list must be present at each screening location during screening operations. Additionally, the list must be included as part of the DoS.

(d) Facility personnel must report the discovery of a prohibited item introduced by violating security measures at a cruise ship terminal as a breach of security in accordance with § 101.305(b) of this subchapter. A prohibited item discovered during security screening is not considered to be a breach of security, and should be treated in accordance with local law enforcement practices.