Title 33

SECTION 105.505

105.505 Terminal Screening Program (TSP).

§ 105.505 Terminal Screening Program (TSP).

(a) General requirements. The owner or operator of a cruise ship terminal must ensure a TSP is developed, added to the Facility Security Plan (FSP), and implemented. The TSP must -

(1) Document all procedures that are employed to ensure all persons, baggage, and personal effects are screened at the cruise ship terminal prior to being allowed into a cruise ship terminal's secure areas or onto a cruise ship;

(2) Be written in English; and

(3) Be approved by the Coast Guard as part of the FSP in accordance with subpart D of this part.

(b) Availability. Each cruise ship terminal Facility Security Officer (FSO) must -

(1) Maintain the TSP in the same or similar location as the FSP as described in § 105.400(d);

(2) Have an accessible, complete copy of the TSP at the cruise ship terminal;

(3) Have a copy of the TSP available for inspection upon request by the Coast Guard;

(4) Maintain the TSP as sensitive security information (SSI) and protect it in accordance with 49 CFR part 1520; and

(5) Make a copy of the current Prohibited Items List (PIL) publicly available. The PIL and copies thereof are not SSI.

(c) Content. The TSP must include -

(1) A line diagram of the cruise ship terminal including -

(i) The physical boundaries of the terminal;

(ii) The location(s) where all persons intending to board a cruise ship, and all personal effects and baggage, are screened; and

(iii) The point(s) in the terminal beyond which no unscreened person may pass.

(2) The responsibilities of the owner or operator regarding the screening of persons, baggage, and personal effects;

(3) The procedure to obtain and maintain the PIL;

(4) The procedures used to comply with the requirements of § 105.530 regarding qualifications of screeners;

(5) The procedures used to comply with the requirements of § 105.535 regarding training of screeners;

(6) The number of screeners needed at each location to ensure adequate screening;

(7) A description of the equipment used to comply with the requirements of § 105.525 regarding the screening of individuals, their personal effects, and baggage, including screening at increased Maritime Security (MARSEC) levels, and the procedures for use of that equipment;

(8) The operation, calibration, and maintenance of any and all screening equipment used in accordance with § 105.545;

(9) The procedures used to comply with the requirements of § 105.550 regarding the use of alternative screening methods and/or equipment, including procedures for passengers and crew with disabilities or medical conditions precluding certain screening methods; and

(10) The procedures used when prohibited items are detected.

(d) As a part of the FSP, the requirements in §§ 105.410 and 105.415 governing submission, approval, amendment, and audit of a TSP apply.