Title 33

SECTION 105.300

105.300 General.

§ 105.300 General.

(a) The Facility Security Assessment (FSA) is a written document that is based on the collection of background information, the completion of an on-scene survey and an analysis of that information.

(b) A common FSA may be conducted for more than one similar facility provided the FSA reflects any facility-specific characteristics that are unique.

(c) Third parties may be used in any aspect of the FSA if they have the appropriate skills and if the Facility Security Officer (FSO) reviews and accepts their work.

(d) Those involved in a FSA must be able to draw upon expert assistance in the following areas, as appropriate:

(1) Knowledge of current security threats and patterns;

(2) Recognition and detection of dangerous substances and devices;

(3) Recognition of characteristics and behavioral patterns of persons who are likely to threaten security;

(4) Techniques used to circumvent security measures;

(5) Methods used to cause a security incident;

(6) Effects of dangerous substances and devices on structures and facility services;

(7) Facility security requirements;

(8) Facility and vessel interface business practices;

(9) Contingency planning, emergency preparedness, and response;

(10) Physical security requirements;

(11) Radio and telecommunications systems, including computer systems and networks;

(12) Marine or civil engineering; and

(13) Facility and vessel operations.