Title 33

SECTION 105.245

105.245 Declaration of Security (DoS).

§ 105.245 Declaration of Security (DoS).

(a) Each facility owner or operator must ensure procedures are established for requesting a DoS and for handling DoS requests from a vessel.

(b) At MARSEC Level 1, a facility receiving a cruise ship or a manned vessel carrying Certain Dangerous Cargo, in bulk, must comply with the following:

(1) Prior to the arrival of a vessel to the facility, the Facility Security Officer (FSO) and Master, Vessel Security Officer (VSO), or their designated representatives must coordinate security needs and procedures, and agree upon the contents of the DoS for the period of time the vessel is at the facility; and

(2) Upon the arrival of the vessel at the facility, the FSO and Master, VSO, or their designated representative, must sign the written DoS.

(c) Neither the facility nor the vessel may embark or disembark passengers, nor transfer cargo or vessel stores until the DoS has been signed and implemented.

(d) At MARSEC Levels 2 and 3, the FSOs, or their designated representatives, of facilities interfacing with manned vessels subject to part 104, of this subchapter must sign and implement DoSs as required in (b)(1) and (2) of this section.

(e) At MARSEC Levels 1 and 2, FSOs of facilities that frequently interface with the same vessel may implement a continuing DoS for multiple visits, provided that:

(1) The DoS is valid for a specific MARSEC Level;

(2) The effective period at MARSEC Level 1 does not exceed 90 days; and

(3) The effective period at MARSEC Level 2 does not exceed 30 days.

(f) When the MARSEC Level increases beyond that contained in the DoS, the continuing DoS is void and a new DoS must be executed in accordance with this section.

(g) A copy of all currently valid continuing DoSs must be kept with the Facility Security Plan.

(h) The COTP may require, at any time, at any MARSEC Level, any facility subject to this part to implement a DoS with the VSO prior to any vessel-to-facility interface when he or she deems it necessary.

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