Title 33

SECTION 105.120

105.120 Compliance documentation.

§ 105.120 Compliance documentation.

Each facility owner or operator subject to this part must ensure that copies of the following documentation are available at the facility and are made available to the Coast Guard upon request:

(a) The approved Facility Security Plan (FSP), as well as any approved revisions or amendments thereto, and a letter of approval from the COTP dated within the last 5 years;

(b) The FSP submitted for approval and an acknowledgement letter from the COTP stating that the Coast Guard is currently reviewing the FSP submitted for approval, and that the facility may continue to operate so long as the facility remains in compliance with the submitted FSP; or

(c) For facilities operating under a Coast Guard-approved Alternative Security Program as provided in § 105.140, a copy of the Alternative Security Program the facility is using, including a facility specific security assessment report generated under the Alternative Security Program, as specified in § 101.120(b)(3) of this subchapter, and a letter signed by the facility owner or operator, stating which Alternative Security Program the facility is using and certifying that the facility is in full compliance with that program.

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