Title 33

SECTION 104.400

104.400 General.

§ 104.400 General.

(a) The Company Security Officer (CSO) must ensure a Vessel Security Plan (VSP) is developed and implemented for each vessel. The VSP:

(1) Must identify the CSO and VSO by name or position and provide 24-hour contact information;

(2) Must be written in English, although a translation of the VSP in the working language of vessel personnel may also be developed;

(3) Must address each vulnerability identified in the Vessel Security Assessment (VSA);

(4) Must describe security measures for each MARSEC Level;

(5) Must state the Master's authority as described in § 104.205; and

(6) May cover more than one vessel to the extent that they share similarities in physical characteristics and operations, if authorized and approved by the Commanding Officer, Marine Safety Center.

(b) The VSP must be submitted to the Commanding Officer, Marine Safety Center, U.S. Coast Guard, 4200 Wilson Boulevard Suite 400, Arlington, VA 22203 for visitors. Send all mail to: Commanding Officer (MSC), Attn: Marine Safety Center, U.S. Coast Guard Stop 7430, 2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20593-7430, in a written or electronic format. Information for submitting the VSP electronically can be found at http://www.uscg.mil/HQ/MSC. Owners or operators of foreign flag vessels that are subject to SOLAS Chapter XI-1 or Chapter XI-2 must comply with this part by carrying on board a valid International Ship Security Certificate that certifies that the verifications required by Section 19.1 of part A of the ISPS Code (Incorporated by reference, see § 101.115 of this subchapter) have been completed. As stated in Section 9.4 of the ISPS Code, part A requires that, in order for the ISSC to be issued, the provisions of part B of the ISPS Code need to be taken into account.

(c) The VSP is sensitive security information and must be protected in accordance with 49 CFR part 1520.

(d) If the VSP is kept in an electronic format, procedures must be in place to prevent its unauthorized deletion, destruction, or amendment.

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