Title 33

SECTION 104.310

104.310 Submission requirements.

§ 104.310 Submission requirements.

(a) A completed Vessel Security Assessment (VSA) report must be submitted with the Vessel Security Plan (VSP) required in § 104.410 of this part.

(b) A vessel owner or operator may generate and submit a report that contains the VSA for more than one vessel subject to this part, to the extent that they share similarities in physical characteristics and operations.

(c) The VSA must be reviewed and revalidated, and the VSA report must be updated, each time the VSP is submitted for reapproval or revisions.

[USCG-2003-14749, 68 FR 39302, July 1, 2003, as amended at 68 FR 60515, Oct. 22, 2003]