Title 33

SECTION 103.505

103.505 Elements of the Area Maritime Security (AMS) Plan.

§ 103.505 Elements of the Area Maritime Security (AMS) Plan.

The AMS Plan should address the following elements, as applicable:

(a) Details of both operational and physical measures that are in place in the port at MARSEC Level 1;

(b) Details of the additional security measures that enable the port to progress, without delay, to MARSEC Level 2 and, when necessary, to MARSEC Level 3;

(c) Details of the security incident command-and-response structure;

(d) Details for regular audit of the AMS Plan, and for its amendment in response to experience or changing circumstances;

(e) Measures to prevent the introduction of dangerous substances and devices into designated restricted areas within the port;

(f) Measures to prevent unauthorized access to designated restricted areas within the port;

(g) Procedures and expected timeframes for responding to security threats or breaches of security, including provisions for maintaining infrastructure and operations in the port;

(h) Procedures for responding to any security instructions the Coast Guard announces at MARSEC Level 3;

(i) Procedures for evacuation within the port in case of security threats or breaches of security;

(j) Procedures for periodic plan review, exercise, and updating;

(k) Procedures for reporting transportation security incidents (TSI);

(l) Identification of, and methods to communicate with, Facility Security Officers (FSO), Company Security Officers (CSO), Vessel Security Officers (VSO), public safety officers, emergency response personnel, and crisis management organization representatives within the port, including 24-hour contact details;

(m) Measures to ensure the security of the information contained in the AMS Plan;

(n) Security measures designed to ensure effective security of infrastructure, special events, vessels, passengers, cargo, and cargo handling equipment at facilities within the port not otherwise covered by a Vessel or Facility Security Plan, approved under part 104, 105, or 106 of this subchapter;

(o) Procedures to be taken when a vessel is at a higher security level than the facility or port it is visiting;

(p) Procedures for responding if a vessel security alert system on board a vessel within or near the port has been activated;

(q) Procedures for communicating appropriate security and threat information to the public;

(r) Procedures for handling reports from the public and maritime industry regarding suspicious activity;

(s) The jurisdiction of Federal, State, Indian Tribal, and local government agencies and law enforcement entities over area security related matters;

(t) Security resources available for incident response and their capabilities;

(u) Procedures for responding to a TSI;

(v) Procedures to facilitate the recovery of the Marine Transportation System after a TSI; and

(w) Identification of any facility otherwise subject to part 105 of this subchapter that the COTP has designated as a public access facility within the area, the security measures that must be implemented at the various MARSEC Levels, and who is responsible for implementing those measures.

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