Title 33

SECTION 103.405

103.405 Elements of the Area Maritime Security (AMS) Assessment.

§ 103.405 Elements of the Area Maritime Security (AMS) Assessment.

(a) The AMS Assessment must include the following elements:

(1) Identification of the critical Marine Transportation System infrastructure and operations in the port;

(2) Threat assessment that identifies and evaluates each potential threat on the basis of various factors, including capability and intention;

(3) Consequence and vulnerability assessment for each target/scenario combination; and

(4) A determination of the required security measures for the three MARSEC Levels.

(b) In order to meet the elements listed in paragraph (a) of this section, an AMS Assessment should consider each of the following:

(1) Physical security of infrastructure and operations at the port;

(2) Structures considered critical for the continued operation of the port;

(3) Existing security systems and equipment available to protect maritime personnel;

(4) Procedural policies;

(5) Radio and telecommunication systems, including computer systems and networks;

(6) Relevant transportation infrastructure;

(7) Utilities;

(8) Security resources and capabilities; and

(9) Other areas that may, if damaged, pose a risk to people, infrastructure, or operations within the port.

(c) AMS Assessments are sensitive security information and must be protected in accordance with 49 CFR part 1520.