Title 33

SECTION 103.400

103.400 General.

§ 103.400 General.

(a) The Area Maritime Security (AMS) Committee will ensure that a risk based AMS Assessment, is completed and meets the requirements specified in § 103.310 of this part and § 101.510 of this subchapter, incorporating the elements specified in § 103.405 of this part.

(b) AMS Assessments can be completed by the COTP, the AMS Committee, a Coast Guard Port Security Assessment team, or by another third party approved by the AMS Committee.

(c) Upon completion of each AMS Assessment, a written report, which is designated sensitive security information, must be prepared consisting of:

(1) A summary of how the AMS Assessment was conducted;

(2) A description of each vulnerability and consequences found during the AMS Assessment; and

(3) A description of risk reduction strategies that could be used to ensure continued operation at an acceptable risk level.