Title 33

SECTION 103.305

103.305 Composition of an Area Maritime Security (AMS) Committee.

§ 103.305 Composition of an Area Maritime Security (AMS) Committee.

(a) An AMS Committee will be composed of not less than seven members having an interest in the security of the area and who may be selected from -

(1) The Federal, Territorial, or Tribal government;

(2) The State government and political subdivisions thereof;

(3) Local public safety, crisis management and emergency response agencies;

(4) Law enforcement and security organizations;

(5) Maritime industry, including labor;

(6) Other port stakeholders having a special competence in maritime security; and

(7) Port stakeholders affected by security practices and policies.

(b) At least seven of the members must each have 5 or more years of experience related to maritime or port security operations.

(c) Members appointed under this section serve for a term of not more than five years. In appointing members, the FMSC should consider the skills required by § 103.410 of this part. With the exception of credentialed Federal, state and local officials, all AMS Committee members shall have a name-based terrorist check from TSA, hold a TWIC, or have passed a comparable security threat assessment, if they need access to SSI as determined by the FMSC.

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