Title 33

SECTION 101.505

101.505 Declaration of Security (DoS).

§ 101.505 Declaration of Security (DoS).

(a) The purpose of a DoS, as described in SOLAS Chapter XI-2, Regulation 10, and the ISPS Code (Incorporated by reference, see § 101.115), is to state the agreement reached between a vessel and a facility, or between vessels in the case of a vessel-to-vessel activity, as to the respective security measures each must undertake during a specific vessel-to-facility interface, during a series of interfaces between the vessel and the facility, or during a vessel-to-vessel activity.

(b) Details as to who must complete a DoS, when a DoS must be completed, and how long a DoS must be retained are included in parts 104 through 106 of this subchapter. A DoS must, at a minimum, include the information found in the ISPS Code, part B, appendix 1 (Incorporated by reference, see § 101.115).

(c) All vessels and facilities required to comply with parts 104, 105, and 106 of this subchapter must, at a minimum, comply with the DoS requirements of the MARSEC Level set for the port.

(d) The COTP may also require a DoS be completed for vessels and facilities during periods of critical port operations, special marine events, or when vessels give notification of a higher MARSEC Level than that set in the COTP's Area of Responsibility (AOR).

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