Title 33

SECTION 100.902

100.902 Special Local Regulations; Annual Bayview Mackinac Race.

§ 100.902 Special Local Regulations; Annual Bayview Mackinac Race.

(a) Regulated area. These Special Local Regulations apply to all U.S. navigable waters of the Black River, St. Clair River, and lower Lake Huron, bound by a line starting at latitude 042°58′47″ N, longitude 082°26′0″ W; then easterly to latitude 042°58′24″ N, longitude 082°24′47″ W; then northward along the International Boundary to latitude 043°2′48″ N, longitude 082°23′47″ W; then westerly to the shoreline at approximate location latitude 043°2′48″ N, longitude 082°26′48″ W; then southward along the U.S. shoreline to latitude 042°58′54″ N, longitude 082°26′1″ W; then back to the beginning [DATUM: NAD 83].

(b) Enforcement period. These Special Local Regulations will be enforced annually at the commencement of the Bayview Mackinac Race. The enforcement period will last approximately seven hours on a single day each July. The Coast Guard will notify the public of the exact enforcement date and times via a Notice of Enforcement published in the Federal Register. Also, the Coast Guard may use marine broadcasts, local notice to mariners, local news media, on-scene oral notice, and broadcasts on VHF-FM marine radio Channel 16 (156.8 MHZ) to notify the public of the exact dates and times of enforcement.

(c) Special local regulations. (1) No vessel may enter the regulated area established in paragraph (a) of this section without prior approval from the Coast Guard's designated Patrol Commander (PATCOM). The PATCOM may restrict vessel operation within the regulated area to vessels having particular operating characteristics.

(2) Vessels permitted to enter this regulated area must operate at a no wake speed and in a manner that will not endanger race participants or any other craft.

(3) The PATCOM may direct the anchoring, mooring, or movement of any vessel within this regulated area. A succession of sharp, short signals by whistle or horn from vessels patrolling the area under the direction of the PATCOM shall serve as a signal to stop. Vessels so signaled shall stop and shall comply with the orders of the PATCOM. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the area, a Notice of Violation for failure to comply, or both.

(4) If it is deemed necessary for the protection of life and property, the PATCOM may terminate at any time the marine event or the operation of any vessel within the regulated area.

(5) In accordance with the general regulations in § 100.35 of this part, the Coast Guard will patrol the regatta area under the direction of a designated Coast Guard Patrol Commander (PATCOM). The PATCOM may be contacted on Channel 16 (156.8 MHz) by the call sign “Coast Guard Patrol Commander.”

(6) The rules in this section shall not apply to vessels participating in the event or to government vessels patrolling the regulated area in the performance of their assigned duties.

[USCG-2012-0403, 77 FR 36392, June 19, 2012]