Title 33

SECTION 100.1401

100.1401 Special Local Regulation; Fautasi Ocean Challenge Canoe Race, Pago Pago Harbor, America Samoa.

§ 100.1401 Special Local Regulation; Fautasi Ocean Challenge Canoe Race, Pago Pago Harbor, America Samoa.

(a) Location. The following regulated area is established as a special local regulation: Breakers Point (eastern edge of Pago Pago Harbor entrance) thence southeast to 14°18′47″ S., 170°38′54.5″ W. thence southwest to 14°19′03″ S., 170° 39′14″ W., thence northwest to Tulutulu Point and then following the coastline encompassing Pago Pago Harbor. This regulated area extends from the surface of the water to the ocean floor.

(b) Effective period. These annual events occur on four separate dates to include: April 17; and three days to include Friday, Saturday or a holiday weekday, in November between the week of Veteran's Day and the Thanksgiving weekend, lasting between 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. The Captain of the Port Honolulu will establish specific enforcement dates that will be announced in advance by Notice of Enforcement, Local Notice to Mariners, Broadcast Notice to Mariners, and prior event outreach, including local advertisement and on-scene designated representatives prior to and during the event.

(c) Regulations. (1) All persons and vessels not registered with the sponsor as participants or support/enforcement vessels are considered spectators. The “support/enforcement vessels” consist of any territory or local law enforcement vessels and sponsor-provided vessels assigned or approved by the Captain of the Port Honolulu to patrol the regulated area.

(2) No spectator shall anchor, block, loiter or impede the transit of participants or support/enforcement vessels in the regulated area during the enforcement dates and times, unless cleared for entry by or through a support/enforcement vessel.

(3) Spectator vessels may be moored to a waterfront facility within the regulated area in such a way that they shall not interfere with the progress of the event. Such mooring must be complete at least 30 minutes prior to the establishment of the regulated area and remain moored through the duration of the event.

(d) Informational broadcasts. The Captain of the Port Honolulu will establish enforcement dates and times with a Notice of Enforcement. If circumstances render enforcement of the regulated area unnecessary for the entirety of these periods, the Captain of the Port or his designated representative will inform the public through broadcast notices to mariners that the regulated area is no longer being enforced. The harbor will remain closed until the Coast Guard issues an “All Clear” for the harbor after the race has concluded and the harbor is deemed safe for normal operations.

(e) Penalties. Vessels or persons violating this rule may be subject to the penalties set forth in 46 U.S.C. 70041.

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