Title 33

SECTION 100.1304

100.1304 Annual Seattle Yacht Club's “Opening Day” Marine Parade.

§ 100.1304 Annual Seattle Yacht Club's “Opening Day” Marine Parade.

(a) Regulated area. All of Portage Bay, with the northwestern limit being the University Bridge, through the Portage Cut (Montlake Cut) into and including Union Bay, with the southeastern limit being an imaginary line from Webster Point to the eastern corner of Foster Island.

(b) Effective period. This regulation will be in effect from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the first Saturday of May each year unless otherwise specified in the Thirteenth District Local Notice to Mariners.

(c) Special Local regulations. (1) The regulated area shall be closed for the duration of the event to all vessel traffic not participating in the event and authorized by the event sponsor or Coast Guard Patrol Commander.

(2) All persons or vessels not registered with the sponsor as participants or not part of the regatta patrol are considered spectators. Spectator vessels must be at anchor within a designated spectator area or moored to a waterfront facility in a way that will not interfere with the progress of the event. The following are established as spectator areas:

(i) Northwest of the University Bridge.

(ii) North of the log boom which will be placed in Union Bay.

(iii) East of Webster Point so as not to interfere with the participating vessels departing Union Bay.

(3) No spectators shall anchor, block, loiter in, or impede the through transit of participants or official patrol vessels in the regulated area during the effective dates and times unless cleared for such entry by the Patrol Commander.

(4) Due to the large number of craft confined within this small body of water, all vessels, both spectator and participants, will maintain a “NO WAKE” speed. This requirement will be strictly enforced to preserve the safety of both life and property.

(5) A succession of sharp, short signals by whistle or horn from vessels patrolling the area under the direction of the Patrol Commander shall serve as a signal to stop. Vessels signaled shall stop and shall comply with the orders of the patrol vessel. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the area, citation for failure to comply, or both.

[CGD13-89-02, 54 FR 19167, May 4, 1989]