Title 33

SECTION 1.25-30

1.25-30 Exceptions.

§ 1.25-30 Exceptions.

(a) The general policies and instructions of the Bureau of the Budget specify when certain services as specifically described in this subpart will be furnished without charge.

(b) The fees and charges prescribed in this subpart are not applicable when requested by, or furnished to, the following persons, or under the following circumstances:

(1) A person who donated the original document.

(2) A person who has an official, voluntary or cooperative relationship to the Coast Guard in rendering services promoting safety of life and property.

(3) Any agency, corporation or branch of the Federal Government.

(4) A person found guilty by an administrative law judge receives one copy of the transcript of the hearing if he:

(i) Files a notice of appeal, under 46 CFR 5.30-1; and

(ii) Requests a copy of the transcript.

(5) A person who has been required to furnish personal documents retained by the Coast Guard.

(6) For other exceptions see 49 CFR 7.97.

(31 U.S.C. 483a; 49 U.S.C. 1655(b)(1); 49 CFR 1.46(b)) [CGFR 67-13, 32 FR 11211, Aug. 2, 1967, as amended by CGD 76-124, 42 FR 23507, May 9, 1977]