Title 33

SECTION 1.05-15

1.05-15 Public participation.

§ 1.05-15 Public participation.

The Coast Guard considers public participation essential to effective rulemaking, and encourages the public to participate in its rulemaking process. Coast Guard policy is to provide opportunities for public participation early in potential rulemaking projects. Generally, the Coast Guard will solicit public input by publishing a notice of public meeting or request for comments in the Federal Register. Advance Notices of Proposed Rulemaking, Notices of Proposed Rulemaking, Supplemental Notices of Proposed Rulemaking, and Interim Rules will usually provide 90 days, or more if possible, after publication for submission of comments. This time period is intended to allow interested persons the opportunity to participate in the rulemaking process through the submission of written data and views. However, certain cases and circumstances may make it necessary to provide a shorter comment period. Public meetings may also be held to provide an opportunity for oral presentations. The Coast Guard will consider the comments received and, in subsequent rulemaking documents, will incorporate a concise general statement of the comments received and identify changes from a proposed rule based on the comments.