Title 30

SECTION 75.1713

75.1713 Emergency medical assistance; first-aid.

§ 75.1713 Emergency medical assistance; first-aid. [Statutory Provisions]

Each operator shall make arrangements in advance for obtaining emergency medical assistance and transportation for injured persons. Emergency communications shall be provided to the nearest point of assistance. Selected agents of the operator shall be trained in first-aid and first-aid training shall be made available to all miners. Each coal mine shall have an adequate supply of first-aid equipment located on the surface, at the bottom of shafts and slopes, and at other strategic locations near the working faces. In fulfilling each of the requirements of this section, the operator shall meet at least minimum requirements prescribed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

[35 FR 17890, Nov. 20, 1970, as amended at 47 FR 14696, Apr. 6, 1982; 60 FR 33723, June 29, 1995]