Title 30


570.6 Process.

§ 570.6 Process.

Whenever a Regional Director determines on the basis of any information, including that which may be obtained under § 570.5 of this part, that a violation of or failure to comply with any provision of this subpart probably occurred, the Regional Director shall undertake to afford the complainant and the person(s) alleged to have violated the provisions of this part an opportunity to engage in informal consultations, meetings, or any other form of communications for the purpose of resolving the complaint. In the event such communications or consultations result in a mutually satisfactory resolution of the complaint, the complainant and all persons cited in the complaint shall notify the Regional Director in writing of their agreement to such resolution. If either the complainant or the person(s) alleged to have wrongfully discriminated fail to provide such written notice within a reasonable period of time, the Regional Director must proceed in accordance with the provisions of 30 CFR part 550, subpart N.