Title 30

SECTION 560.500

560.500 Electronic document and data transmissions.

§ 560.500 Electronic document and data transmissions.

(a) BOEM may notify you that it will allow or request you to submit the following information electronically through BOEM's secure electronic filing system, through an alternate secure electronic filing system supported and maintained by the Department, or through some other electronic filing system that BOEM has approved for this purpose:

(1) Any document(s) or information described in the Qualifications section of part 556 of this chapter, as specified in subpart E. Such information would include, but not be limited to, the official name of the qualifying person, its legal and business address or addresses, its legal form and status, and the names and contact information of a person or organization authorized to act on the person's behalf.

(2) Any document(s) or information required to obtain BOEM's approval of an assignment or sublease, including any form or instrument that creates or transfers ownership of a lease interest.

(3) Any document(s) or information required to obtain BOEM's approval of your relinquishment of all, or any aliquot part of your lease, as specified in § 556.1101 of this chapter.

(4) Any document(s) creating, transferring or assigning economic interests, as specified in §§ 556.715 and 556.808 of this chapter.

(5) Any document(s) related to a bond, U.S. Treasury note or other security provided to BOEM, which is required to guarantee your compliance with terms and conditions of a lease.

(6) Any document(s) or information necessary to bid for an OCS lease.

(7) Any forms, document(s) or information necessary to determine worst case oil-spill discharge volume(s), or to provide evidence demonstrating oil spill financial responsibility, or to guarantee such financial responsibility or to comply with any other requirements of the Oil Spill Financial Responsibility Program, as described in part 553 of this chapter.

(b) BOEM reserves the right to require the electronic filing of any document(s) or information addressed in paragraph (a)(5) of this section upon a 90-day notice published in the Federal Register; if BOEM mandates that you transmit such document(s) or information electronically, the Federal Register notice will specify the filing details necessary to comply with this regulation.

(c) In the event BOEM sends documents to you in a secure electronic format, you may either return the document(s) in an electronic format utilizing the same secure transmission mechanism or print the document(s) and return them.

(d) BOEM may electronically acknowledge, approve, sign, or execute any document(s) referenced in this section.