Title 30


551.6 Obligations and rights under a permit or a Notice.

§ 551.6 Obligations and rights under a permit or a Notice.

While conducting G&G exploration or scientific research activities under BOEM permit or Notice:

(a) You must not:

(1) Interfere with or endanger operations under any lease, right-of-way, easement, right-of-use, Notice, or permit issued or maintained under the Act;

(2) Cause harm or damage to life (including fish and other aquatic life), property, or to the marine, coastal, or human environment;

(3) Cause harm or damage to any mineral resource (in areas leased or not leased);

(4) Cause pollution;

(5) Disturb archaeological resources;

(6) Create hazardous or unsafe conditions; or

(7) Unreasonably interfere with or cause harm to other uses of the area.

(b) You must immediately report to the Regional Director if you:

(1) Detect hydrocarbon occurrences;

(2) Detect environmental hazards which imminently threaten life and property; or

(3) Adversely affect the environment, aquatic life, archaeological resources, or other uses of the area where you are conducting exploration or scientific research activities.

(c) You must also consult and coordinate your G&G activities with other users of the area for navigation and safety purposes.

(d) Any persons conducting shallow test drilling or deep stratigraphic test drilling activities under a permit must use the best available and safest technologies that the Regional Director determines to be economically feasible.

(e) You may not claim any oil, gas, sulphur, or other minerals you discover while conducting operations under a permit or Notice.