Title 30


551.3 Authority and applicability of this part.

§ 551.3 Authority and applicability of this part.

BOEM authorizes you to conduct exploration or scientific research activities under this part in accordance with the Act, the regulations in this part, orders of the Director/Regional Director, and other applicable statutes, regulations, and amendments.

(a) This part does not apply to G&G exploration conducted by or on behalf of the lessee on a lease in the OCS. Refer to 30 CFR part 250 if you plan to conduct G&G activities related to oil, gas, or sulphur under terms of a lease.

(b) Federal agencies are exempt from the regulations in this part.

(c) G&G exploration or G&G scientific research related to minerals other than oil, gas, and sulphur is covered by regulations at 30 CFR part 580.