Title 30

SECTION 550.231

550.231 After receiving the EP, what will BOEM do

§ 550.231 After receiving the EP, what will BOEM do?

(a) Determine whether deemed submitted. Within 15 working days after receiving your proposed EP and its accompanying information, the Regional Supervisor will review your submission and deem your EP submitted if:

(1) The submitted information, including the information that must accompany the EP (refer to the list in § 550.212), fulfills requirements and is sufficiently accurate;

(2) You have provided all needed additional information (see § 550.201(b)); and

(3) You have provided the required number of copies (see § 550.206(a)).

(b) Identify problems and deficiencies. If the Regional Supervisor determines that you have not met one or more of the conditions in paragraph (a) of this section, the Regional Supervisor will notify you of the problem or deficiency within 15 working days after the Regional Supervisor receives your EP and its accompanying information. The Regional Supervisor will not deem your EP submitted until you have corrected all problems or deficiencies identified in the notice.

(c) Deemed submitted notification. The Regional Supervisor will notify you when the EP is deemed submitted.