Title 30

SECTION 550.211

550.211 What must the EP include

§ 550.211 What must the EP include?

Your EP must include the following:

(a) Description, objectives, and schedule. A description, discussion of the objectives, and tentative schedule (from start to completion) of the exploration activities that you propose to undertake. Examples of exploration activities include exploration drilling, well test flaring, installing a well protection structure, and temporary well abandonment.

(b) Location. A map showing the surface location and water depth of each proposed well and the locations of all associated drilling unit anchors.

(c) Drilling unit. A description of the drilling unit and associated equipment you will use to conduct your proposed exploration activities, including a brief description of its important safety and pollution prevention features, and a table indicating the type and the estimated maximum quantity of fuels, oil, and lubricants that will be stored on the facility (see definition of “facility” under § 550.105(3)).

(d) Service fee. You must include payment of the service fee listed in § 550.125.