Title 30

SECTION 550.196

550.196 Reimbursements for reproduction and processing costs.

§ 550.196 Reimbursements for reproduction and processing costs.

(a) BOEM will reimburse you for costs of reproducing data and information that the Regional Director requests if:

(1) You deliver geophysical and geological (G&G) data and information to BOEM for the Regional Director to inspect or select and retain;

(2) BOEM receives your request for reimbursement and the Regional Director determines that the requested reimbursement is proper; and

(3) The cost is at your lowest rate or at the lowest commercial rate established in the area, whichever is less.

(b) BOEM will reimburse you for the costs of processing geophysical information (that does not include cost of data acquisition):

(1) If, at the request of the Regional Director, you processed the geophysical data or information in a form or manner other than that used in the normal conduct of business; or

(2) If you collected the information under a permit that BOEM issued to you before October 1, 1985, and the Regional Director requests and retains the information.

(c) When you request reimbursement, you must identify reproduction and processing costs separately from acquisition costs.

(d) BOEM will not reimburse you for data acquisition costs or for the costs of analyzing or processing geological information or interpreting geological or geophysical information.