Title 30


402.6 Water-Resources Research Program.

§ 402.6 Water-Resources Research Program.

(a) Subject to the availability of appropriated funds, the Water-Resources Research Program will provide support, in the form of a dollar-for-dollar matching grant, to educational institutions, private foundations, private firms, individuals, and agencies of local or State governments for research concerning any aspect of a water-resource related problem deemed to be in the national interest. Federal agencies are excluded from receiving matching grants. Grants may be awarded on other than a dollar-for-dollar matching basis in cases where the USGS determines that research on a high-priority subject is of a basic nature that otherwise would not be undertaken.

(b) The types of research to be undertaken under this program are listed below, without indication of priority:

(1) Aspects of the hydrologic cycle;

(2) Supply and demand for water;

(3) Demineralization of saline and other impaired waters;

(4) Conservation and best use of available supplies of water and methods of increasing such supplies;

(5) Water reuse;

(6) Depletion and degradation of groundwater supplies;

(7) Improvements in the productivity of water when used for agricultural, municipal, and commercial purposes; and

(8) The economic, legal, engineering, social, recreational, biological, geographic, ecological, and other aspects of water problems.

(9) Scientific information-dissemination activities, including identifying, assembling, and interpreting the results of scientific and engineering research on water-resources problems.

(10) Providing means for improved communications of research results, having due regard for the varying conditions and needs for the respective States and regions.