Title 30

SECTION 402.15

402.15 Reporting procedures.

§ 402.15 Reporting procedures.

(a) Grantees or contractors will be required to submit the following technical reports to the USGS address identified under the terms and conditions of each award.

(1) Quarterly Technical Progress Report. This report shall include a description of all work accomplished, results achieved, and any changes that affect the project's scope of work, time schedule, and personnel assignments.

(2) Draft Technical Completion Report. The draft report will be required for review prior to submission of the final technical completion report.

(3) Final Technical Completion Report. The final report and a camera-ready copy shall be submitted to the USGS within 90 days after the expiration date of the award and shall include a summary of all work accomplished, results achieved, conclusions, and recommendations. The camera-ready copy shall be prepared in a manner suitable for reproduction by a photographic process. Format will be specified in the terms and conditions of the award.

(4) Final Report Abstract. A complete Water-Resources Scientific Information Center Abstract Form 102 and National Technical Information Service Form 79 shall be submitted with the final report.

(b) Grantees or contractors will be required to submit financial, administrative, and closeout reports as identified under the terms of each award. Reporting requirements will conform to the procedures described in the Departmental Manual of the Department of the Interior at 505 DM 1-5.

(c) Contracts for technology-development projects may also require delivery of hardware items produced and/or specifications, drawings, test results, or other data describing the funded technology.