Title 30

SECTION 402.12

402.12 Evaluation of applications for grants and contracts.

§ 402.12 Evaluation of applications for grants and contracts.

(a) Grants. (1) Each grant application will receive technical evaluations from Government and/or non-Government scientific or engineering personnel. Utilizing the criteria for evaluation identified in the applicable announcement, each reviewer will assign a technical score.

(2) Grant applications with low technical ratings will be screened out, and the remaining grant applications will be rank-ordered by review panels.

(3) USGS program officials will compile a single, consolidated rank-ordered list of the grant applications based on technical scoring, program needs and published priorities, and the available Federal funds.

(b) Contracts. Proposals for contract awards will be evaluated by a USGS panel. Contracts will be awarded according to procedures contained in the FAR, the Department of the Interior Acquisition Regulation, and in acquisition policy releases issued by the Department and by the USGS.