Title 30

SECTION 401.26

401.26 Evaluation of institutes.

§ 401.26 Evaluation of institutes.

(a) Within 2 years of the date of its certification according to the provisions of § 401.6, each institute will be evaluated for the purpose of determining whether the national interest warrants its continued support under the provisions of the Act. That determination shall be based on:

(1) The quality and relevance of its water resources research as funded under the Act;

(2) Its effectiveness as an institution for planning, conducting, or arranging for research;

(3) Its demonstrated performance in making research results available to users in the State and elsewhere; and

(4) Its demonstrated record in providing for the training of scientists through student involvement in its research program.

(b) An evaluation team, selected by the granting agency on the basis of the members' knowledge of water research and administration, shall evaluate each institute, and may with the concurrence of the granting agency, visit such institutes as it considers necessary. The team is to include at least one individual from each of the following categories:

(1) Employees of the Department of the Interior;

(2) University faculty or other professionals with relevant experience in the conduct of water resources research;

(3) Former directors of water research institutes; and

(4) University faculty or other professionals with relevant experience in information transfer.

(c) The granting agency may request recommendations for team selections from the National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences and from other organizations whose members include the types of individuals cited in paragraph (b) of this section.

(d) The granting agency shall, as an administrative cost, provide the funds for travel and per diem expense of the team members, within the maximum limits allowable under Federal travel regulations (41 CFR subtitle F).

(e) The granting agency has the right to select dates for evaluation visits, and notice of the team's visit shall be provided to the institute being evaluated at least 60 days in advance.

(f) It shall be the responsibility of each institute to provide such documentation of its activities and accomplishments as the granting agency and evaluation team may reasonably request. The request for this documentation shall be made at least 60 days prior to the due date of its receipt.

(g) The team shall, within 90 days after completion of its evaluation, submit a written report of its findings to the granting agency for transmittal to the institute. If an institute is found to have deficiencies in meeting the objectives of the Act, it shall be allowed 1 year to correct them and to report such action to the granting agency. The decision as to the institute's eligibility to receive further funding will rest with the granting agency.

(h) After the initial evaluation, each institute shall be reevaluated at least every 5 years.

[58 FR 27204, May 7, 1993]