Title 30

SECTION 401.19

401.19 Reporting procedures.

§ 401.19 Reporting procedures.

(a) The institutes are encouraged to publish, as technical reports or in the professional literature, the findings, results, and conclusions relating to separately identifiable research projects undertaken pursuant to the Act.

(b) Each institute shall submit to the granting agency, by a date to be specified in the award document, an annual program report which provides:

(1) A statement concerning the relationship of the institute's program to the water problems and issues of the State;

(2) A synopsis of the objectives, methods, and conclusions of each project completed within the period covered;

(3) A progress report on each project continuing into the subsequent fiscal year;

(4) Citations of all reports, papers, publications or other communicable products resulting from each project completed or in progress;

(5) A description of all activities undertaken for the purpose of promoting the application of research results;

(6) A description of cooperative arrangements with other educational institutions, State agencies, and others.

(c) One manuscript of reproducible quality and two copies of the annual program report shall be furnished to the granting agency. One copy of a complete report on the objectives, methods, and conclusions of each research project shall be maintained by the institute and open to inspection.

(d) Appropriate acknowledgment shall be given by institutes to the granting agency's participation in financing activities carried out under provisions of the Act. Such acknowledgment shall be included in all reports, publications, news releases, and other information media developed by institutes and others to publicize, describe, or report upon accomplishments and activities of the program.

(e) An original and two copies of the final “Financial Status Report,” SF 269, shall be furnished to the granting agency within 90 days of completion of the grant period.