Title 28


92.8 Providing recruitment services.

§ 92.8 Providing recruitment services.

The non-profit community organizations that wish to receive a grant under this program should provide for an overall program design with the objective of recruiting and retaining applicants from a variety of populations to a police department. The recruitment strategies employed may include:

(a) A process for recruiting applicants for employment by a police department. These processes should include working in cooperation with a local law enforcement department to develop selection criteria for the participants. The selection criteria may include, but are not limited to:

(1) Demonstrated interest in policing as a career;

(2) Scholastic record (except that failure to meet the satisfactory academic scores shall not disqualify the applicant since the program is designed to provide tutorial service so to help applicant pass the required examinations);

(3) Background screening;

(4) Work experience;

(5) Letters of recommendation.

(b) The recruitment services must ensure that applicants possess the necessary mental and physical capabilities and emotional characteristics to be an effective law enforcement officer.