Title 28


92.4 How will participants be selected from applicants

§ 92.4 How will participants be selected from applicants?

(a) Applicants should be selected competitively based upon selection criteria developed by the State Police Corps agency pursuant to this subsection. Appropriate application materials should be developed by the State Police Corps agency to obtain the information reasonably needed to make selection and assignment decisions and to provide required information to the Director.

(b) The State Police Corps agency should develop selection criteria in consultation with local law enforcement officials, representatives of police labor organizations and police management organizations, and other appropriate State and local agencies. Selection criteria should seek to attract highly qualified individuals with backgrounds and characteristics likely to assure effective participation in the Police Corps. Criteria should include consideration of factors bearing on the statutory eligibility requirements set forth in § 92.1, and may include (without limitation) consideration of:

(1) Scholastic record;

(2) Work experience;

(3) Extracurricular and/or community involvement;

(4) Letters of recommendation;

(5) Demonstrated interest in policing as a career.

(c) After selection, the State Police Corps agency will forward to the Director, Office of the Police Corps and Law Enforcement Education a list of persons selected for admission to the Police Corps. With respect to each person, the list should set forth:

(1) Name;

(2) Address;

(3) Social security number;

(4) Name and location of law enforcement agency to which the person has been assigned;

(5) Educational institution in which the person is enrolled or has been accepted for admission, and course of study;

(6) Date on which the person is expected to commence his/her service;

(7) Certification that the person has been found to meet the statutory selection criteria at 42 U.S.C. § 14096;

(8) A Police Corps Agreement signed by the applicant; and

(9) An itemization of the educational expenses that the person is eligible to receive through scholarship and/or reimbursement.

(i) With respect to individuals identified to receive educational assistance under § 92.2(c), the list should contain the information in paragraphs (c) (1), (2), (3), (5) and (9) of this section.

(ii) With respect to the list in the aggregate, a summary of the racial and gender distribution of the individuals.

(d) After selection, the State Policy Corps agency should notify applicants of their selection, their agency assignment, and their assignment to a training class. However, admission to the Police Corps is not final until the Police Corps Agreement has been signed both by the applicant and the Director.