Title 28


92.13 Program eligibility.

§ 92.13 Program eligibility.

(a) Eligible organizations for the Police Recruitment program grant are certified nonprofit organizations that have training and/or experience in:

(1) Working with a police department and with teachers, counselors, and similar personnel;

(2) Providing services to the community in which the organization is located;

(3) Developing and managing services and techniques to recruit and train individuals, and in assisting such individuals in meeting requisite standards and provisions;

(4) Developing and managing services and techniques to assist in the retention of applicants to like programs; and

(5) Developing other programs that contribute to the community.

(b) A program is qualified to receive a grant if:

(1) The overall design of the program is to recruit and retain applicants to a police department;

(2) The program provides recruiting services that include tutorial programs to enable individuals to meet police force academic requirements and to pass entrance examinations;

(3) The program provides counseling to applicants to police departments who may encounter problems throughout the application process; and

(4) The program provides retention services to assist in retaining individuals to stay in the application process of the police department.

(c) To qualify for funding under the Police Recruitment program, the intended activities must support the recruitment services, tutorial and other academic assistance programs, and retention services for individuals. The qualified non-profit organization must submit an application which identifies the law enforcement department with which it will work and includes documentation showing:

(1) The need for the grant;

(2) The intended use of the funds;

(3) Expected results from the use of grant funds;

(4) Demographic characteristics of the population to be served, including age, disability, race, ethnicity, and languages used;

(5) Status as a non-profit organization; and

(6) Contains satisfactory assurances that the program for which the grant is made will meet the applicable requirements of the program guidelines prescribed in this document.