Title 28


92.11 Content of the recruitment and retention programs.

§ 92.11 Content of the recruitment and retention programs.

Applicants must describe in detail the intended program strategies for providing academic and guidance counseling activities for members of the community, as described in §§ 92.2 through 92.4. A review of mandatory topics to be addressed in a detailed concept paper/application to be provided by all applicants follows.

(a) Applicants must address program strategies for responding to program and applicant needs throughout the recruitment process. The process should be based on an examination and understanding of the needs of the population in meeting the qualification requirements of the police department. The project strategy should subsequently be tailored based on the understanding of the current and anticipated problems in meeting police department requirements.

(b) Applicants must describe the manner in which academic services and tutorials, and guidance counseling programs that would assist applicants to pass the entrance examination and related tests will be provided. This should also include the anticipated length of the academic and guidance counseling programs, qualifications of the counselors, and the content of the counseling programs.

(c) Applicants must provide retention services to assist in keeping individuals in the application process of a police department. These may include:

(1) Counseling programs aimed at meeting the needs of potential police applicants before they are eligible to apply for a sworn position;

(2) Pre-police employment programs, such as junior police cadet programs, reserve programs, and police volunteer activities and

(3) Mentoring activities utilizing sworn officers.

(d) Applicants must estimate the number of police applicants to be served by the prospective program, along with an estimation of the total number of potential or actual applicants who will be successfully hired and eventually deployed as police officers.